July 20

Why I Started Making Pronunciation Videos

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  • I am from India.
    Nice teaching and sweet clear voice and speaking style beautiful and sweet language in other languages

  • For me, I think British accent is more difficult than American accent because I can understand most of the American movies, but not British movies.

    It took me some time to know that it could be the way of their rhythm and intonation are way different from us and this is the most difficult part for me to learn and imitate.

    • I think that sometimes the British accent can be more difficult to pronounce, but once you are used to it, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand. It’s all about getting used to it. 🙂

  • Hello Chris! I’m from Brazil, and here it’s very dificult to find an English teacher that speeks British English (that is what I most like). So I thank you very much for your videos!!! I love them.

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