December 22

What Is The Difference Between Look, See and Watch?



Look means to turn your eyes in a particular direction. Often you ‘look’ at something that is not moving. It is an action.

Look at me.
Look at the camera.

It can also mean to search for something.

I’m looking for a job.
Are you looking for something?

‘Look’ can also be an exclamation:

Look, I’m not interested in antiques.
Look, this isn’t going to work.


‘See’ means that you are able to perceive something, you are aware of something.

I can’t see you.
I’ve never seen him before.
I’m looking, but I can’t see the ball.

‘See’ can also mean ‘understand

I see what you mean.
Oh, I see.


Watch means looking at something for a long time, paying attention to it – often something that is moving or changing.

Do you want to watch TV?
Let’s watch a film.

Yesterday, I went to watch a football match.
I’m watching you.

Look, see or watch?

1. Can you ____ the ball? 

2.Do you want to ____ a movie?

3.There’s a man over there _____ me. 

4.It’s too foggy. I can’t ____

5.Don’t ____. I’m changing my clothes.

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