February 2

British Accent With Benedict Cumberbatch

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  • Hlo am pratham . I know all this prounication that u have say in your video . I have only one problem that how to think in English but when I start think in English I think English is longer and longer so how I speak English fluently .

    • Hi Pratham, that’s an interesting question. It’s common for it to take longer to think of things in English than your native language. It’s definitely a skill that needs to be practised. In your everyday life and as you are speaking your native language, try to keep thinking about the question “How would I say this in English”, and try to think through more situations in English in your head, because when you are practising on your own, you will have time to think it through and build up your speed. Then, when you speak to native speakers in English, it will come more easily. I’d also recommend that you get as much practice talking to native English speakers as you can. You will get there, but it does take time. Hope this helps!

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