November 10

How To Talk About Your Studies in English


If somebody asks you "What do you do", you might answer: "I'm a student."

But how can you talk about your studies in more detail and how can you answer common questions about your studies. Let's learn more in this lesson.

Talking about what kind of student you are

I'm at school / I'm at university
I'm a …. student
Elementary school / high school (US English)
University / college

In the UK, student mainly refers to people studying at university. If you are at school, you would be a 'pupil'.

I'm a primary school/secondary school pupil. (UK English)

Freshman / sophomore / junior / senior (US English)

Fresher / second-year student / third year student / in my final year. (UK English)

I'm a mature student.

Undergraduate / graduate / post-graduate

Talking about what you study

The word 'major' mainly used in the US. You could also say:

So what do you study?
What's your major?
What's your subject?
What degree are you studying?
What are you reading?

I'm a fresher at the University of Warwick. (UK English)
I'm a first year student at the University of Warwick.
I'm in my first year at the University of Warwick.

Talking about your university degree in more detail

I'm studying / reading for a BA in Economics at the University of Exeter.

A bachelor's degree

An MA / an MSc / a master's degree

A doctorate degree

A PhD in Psychology.

Where do you study?
Where do you go to university?

I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Law.
A bachelor's degree in Law.

I got my MA from the University of Bath.

I studied for my undergraduate / post-graduate degree at the University of Southampton

Talking about your university courses in detail

What courses are you studying?

What modules are you studying?

I'm studying / taking modules in English law and human rights.

Different types of university

A traditional / modern university

A city university / a university in the centre of the city.

A campus university

More details about your university

Halls of residence (UK) / dormitories (US)

I'm staying in the halls of residence.

An academic course, a vocational course.

And now it's your turn! Are you a student, or have you graduated from university already, and what did you study? Let me know in the comments!

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