January 5

Alternative Ways To Respond To ‘Thank You’ in English


If somebody says to you 'Thank you', how would you respond?

You're welcome?

While this is perfectly correct, and native speakers do use it all the time, some learners overuse it, or respond in this way every time. In fact, there are many different ways to respond to 'Thank you' in English. Let's look at some of them together:

Don't mention it

It's my pleasure

Any time.

Happy to help.

No problem.

No worries.

It's nothing.

No need to thank.

You need to be a bit careful about certain responses, because some of them could possibly come across a little rude.

For example, it could sound impolite to reply to 'Thank you', by saying 'Ok.'

We also wouldn't normally reply to 'thank you' by saying 'Of course'. If somebody asks you to do something and you are very happy to do it, or if something is very obvious, you could say 'of course', but it doesn't work in this context.

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