March 30

How To Order Starbucks in English


Useful phrases from the video

What the barista might say to you:

How can I help you?

Who’s next please?

What can I get you?  

Ordering Starbucks in English

Hi, can I get an Americano please?

What size would you like?

Any milk with that?

Yes, please. 

No, thanks.

Can I get a grande, please?

Just a small, thanks.

Short / Tall / Grande / Venti / Trenta

Actually, can I get a decaf, please?

Anything else? 

Yes, can I get a brownie as well please?

Eat in or take away?  

Can I get a name please? 

Sorry, but I ordered a decaf?  

Cash or card? 

That'll be £4.45 please.

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