February 16

31 Adjectives to Describe Food in English

Other ways to say 'delicious' in English.

Tasty -  This pizza is really tasty.

Really good - This chocolate cake is really good

Yummy - Thanks for dinner. That was yummy!

Delightful - That pasta was delightful.

Divine - That lemon tarte tasted divine!





Adjectives to describe taste in English

Sour / bitter - sharp taste, like lemons or limes.

Salty - food with a  lot of salt in it, like crisps, snacks or meats.

Sweet - cakes and fizzy drinks.

Fresh - light and crisp - salad, herbs.

Spicy / hot - like chili peppers, curries.

Fiery - A fiery curry.

Smoky - something that tastes like the smell of smoke, smoky barbeque sauce.

Rich  - strong or heavy flavour. A very rich sauce. A rich chocolate cake.

Full-bodied - srtong flavour that stays in the mouth.

Tangy - yoghurt, lemons or sour foods.

Chewy - nougat, meat

Creamy - smooth and rich, like something that has a lot of milk in it.

Crumbly - food that breaks down (crumbles) into small pieces like biscuits, or cheese.

Crunchy - firm and crisp texture, like an apple.

Crispy - light but crunchy - bacon, the top of a pie etc.

Greasy - food that has a lot of oil or fat, like a hamburger.

Juicy - heas a lot of juice in it, like meat, fruit, a thick sauce.

Tender - soft and easy to break down, like meat.

Smooth - no small pieces, like a sauce, or a cream.

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