March 16

30 Of The Best TV Series For Learning The British Accent

30 of the Best TV Series To Learn The British Accent

1. The Crown
2. Locke and Key
3. Killing Eve
4. Vanity Fair
5. The Bodyguard
6. A Very English Scandal
7. The Miniaturist
8. Victoria
9. Outlander
10. Broadchurch
11. Downton Abbey
12. Peaky Blinders
13. Sherlock

Classic Series

14. Skins
15. The Inbetweeners
16. Friends
17. Only Fools and Horses
18. Blackadder
19. Fawlty Towers
20. The IT Crowd
21. The Office
22. Bottom
23. Men Behaving Badly
24. One Foot in the Grave
25. Peep Show
26. Absolutely Fabulous

Soap Operas

27. Brookside
28. Eastenders
29. Coronation Street

And this one isn't the best for learning the British accent because the main character doesn't really talk, but I have to include it...

30. Mr Bean!

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