February 23

30 British Slang Words You Have to Know

30 British Slang Words You *Have* To Know

1. loo - a toilet
Could I use your loo? I’m desperate for the loo.

2. fit - an adjective to describe an attractive woman or man.
That girl is so fit. I think I’m going to try and get her number.

3. dodgy – a dishonest person / something that doesn’t work well.
That man looks a bit dodgy. That bike is a bit dodgy.

4. proper – in slang, this word can be a modifier like ‘very’
That’s a proper good steak.

5. knackered – extremely tired or exhausted
I can’t come out today. I’m absolutely knackered.

6. quid – a slang word for ‘pounds’ – the currency of the UK
I haven’t got any money on me. Could you lend me 20 quid?

7. snog / pull – to kiss
I snogged a girl at the party last night.

8. shag – to ‘make love to’
Have you shagged him yet?

9. gutted – very disappointed about something.
I was gutted that I didn’t get the job.

10. cheeky – an adjective describing something light-hearted
Do you fancy a cheeky pint?

11. mate - means ‘friend’, but is often added to a sentence.
Are you alright, mate? Are you looking at me mate?

12. banter - light joking or teasing.
Don’t take it the wrong way, it was just a bit of banter.

13. blimey! - an explanation often used in surprise.
Blimey, that’s a lot of money!

14. pissed - in the UK this can mean drunk (trollied / plastered)
Did you get pissed last night?

15. skint – to have no money
I can’t afford it mate, I’m skint at the moment.

16. bird – a slang term for a woman.
I heard Carl’s got a new bird.

17. fancy – a verb meaning ‘would like’
Do you fancy a cuppa?

18. cheers – in the UK this can mean ‘thank you’
Can you hold the door for me? Cheers, mate.

19. up for – interested in doing something, keen to do something.
Are you up for going to the pub tonight?

20. take the piss – make fun of somebody, mock somebody
Top taking the piss out of me? Are you taking the piss?

21. bloke – a man
Who’s that bloke over there? He’s a top bloke.

22. lad – a young man, often somebody who likes to ‘party’
I often go to the pub with the lads. Paul is a bit of a lad.

23. bloody – a word often used to emphasise something.
That’s bloody brilliant! It’s bloody freezing today.

24. fiver / tenner – a five pound / ten pound note
Could you lend me a fiver. I had a tenner this morning, but I spent it.

25. slag off – to insult or say rude things about somebody.
Stop slagging him off. What’s he ever done to hurt you.

26. muppet – an ignorant or idiotic person (funny insult)
Stop being such a muppet!

27. nosh – food
Let’s go and grab some nosh.

28. faffing around – wasting time doing nothing
Hurry up and stop faffing around.

29. bonkers – crazy
Some people think I’m bonkers. But I think I’m just free.

30. bollocks – nonsense, ideas that are not true, when you disagree
You’re talking bollocks!
He never said that. That’s bollocks.

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